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Eric Bellinger Drops “All The Smoke”

It’s no longer 4/20 anymore, but that hasn’t stopped Eric from talking about his love for weed in a song.

Eric Bellinger is a lovely singer, and in my opinion, he is one of the best at incorporating romance into his music. But today, he’s decided to talk about smoking weed, which I am not mad at at all.

While Eric Bellinger continues to sing like the absolute pro on this song, lyrically, he comes across as competitive, gassed up and motivated on his verses, as he does his best to convince this chick he’s f**king with to do some binge smoking with him. Personally, I love the laid-back vibes attached to the track, especially if I am able to listen to it while stoned.

Eric Bellinger has to do something with that green ass hair.



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