Logic & Eminem Join Forces For “Homicide”


I saw this collaboration coming from a mile away.

There are several ways to get respect in the rap game, and one of them is to go toe to toe with Eminem on a song. In “Homicide,” Logic gets his chance to do just that, as he spits ferocious bars about everything from killing his competition to the uncanny skills he puts forth on every single song he drops. But in the end of the day, it’s Eminem with his venomous bars and lack of care for everyone from ghostwriters to naysayers that will catch your attention on this track, especially considering that he is completely in his element when it comes to the ghoulish instrumental he raps over. For hip-hop fans all over, you will be saying “Mhmm hmm” like Roddy Riich does on “Racks In The Middle” after you listen to this fire.

I love you Logic, but you are kind of corny, bro.




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