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J. Irja & Bubba Sparxxx Unite For “Bbbounce”

 Those with booty galore, “Bbbounce” is your song!

This world will be a boring place if we didn’t have ass shaking anthems. One of my favorite of all time is “Miss New Booty” — A wild and crazy hit by Bubba Sparxxx that I find just as catchy as bootilicious. In my opinion, “Bbbounce” is along the lines of that song, which means 2019 has its first certified booty anthem!

“Bbbounce” is powered by this bass boomin’ instrumental that has its fair share of riveting vibes attached to it. Over this instrumental, both J. Irja and Bubba Sparxxx go back and forth about wanting only the best ass shakers in their vicinity. Lyrically, what you get from both artists is raw s**t that not only excites you about going to the strip club, but for strippers, it also serves as a tutorial on how to get a horny customer to empty their wallets. All in all, I think you’ll love the energy both rappers spit with on their respective contributions, how they each plow their way through their verses, and most importantly, the outlandish s**t you hear overall.

J. Irja and Bubba have to be twins.


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