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In2Deep Gets The Summer Started With “Whichever”


Anybody else pump their fist non-stop while listening to this song?

Matteo AKA In2Deep is a music producer and songwriter from Sweden Stockholm that I think is hella talented. “Whichever,” his latest single, is actually his first single, which means he’s somewhat of a musical rookie. However, listening to the song, you may never tell, as he was able to create something that is high in quality and very enjoyable to listen to.

“Whichever” is powered by this electrifying instrumental that has its fair-share of vivaciousness, sunny vibes and EDM elements attached to it. Over this instrumental, In2Deep soothes the minds of listeners with a mellow/melodious contribution that pierces the souls and pleases the ears. As a whole, I love the energy attached to the song, its club potential, and most importantly, the positive vibes it gives off.

“Whichever” reminds me that I can put McDonalds secret sauce on a McDouble! (I’ma do it tomorrow)



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