“To The Morning” is off of Redford’s ‘The World We Live In’ EP.

Don’t you just love music that is relatable/personable? Redford is one of those bands that are more than capable of providing us with such a thing, as throughout the years, they have shown the world an ability to deliver songs that are heartwarming, well-structured and infectiously melodic. In “To The Morning,” one of their latest singles, the Glasstone Records rockers were able to gift us with an absolute gem that never loses touch of its ability to tranquilize.

You know what I love about “To The Morning?” It seems to float by with this level of gracefulness that is extremely pleasing on the ears. Yes, the instrumental that powers the song is pretty vibrant, featuring hard-hitting drumming and lively guitar-play, but it’s the lead singer of the group that eases my mind with his sobering vocals and sincere lyrics on his contributions.

With the subject behind “To The Morning” revolving around stiff-arming all the different activities that catches your attention throughout the day, I thought it might be a good idea to ignore the next nine phone calls my wife tries to make to me.

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