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Deane Nesbitt Jr. Provides Us With Something Special In “Tracking The Soldier”


“Tracking the Soldier” is off of Deane Nesbitt Jr.’s “Soundtracks In the Sand” project.

Deane Nesbitt Jr. isn’t just a musician, he also practices law, co-founding an investment management company and writing an illustrated history of a 1912 investment bank. While he has love for both careers, it seems like it’s the music that allows him to really show the world his outstanding talent. In “Tracking The Soldier,” one of the singles off of his new album titled “Soundtracks in the Sand,” Deane was able to gift us with a honorable tune that features fantastic instrument-play and a level of graciousness attached to it that will give you goosebumps. If I was a soldier listening to this song, I would probably shed a tear.

Have you ever bowed down to a song after you listened to it? I just did after hearing this song.



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