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Chance The Rapper & TisoKorean Connect For The Murda Beatz Produced “GRoCERIES”

Chance The Rapper is the king of random ass songs.

Chance The Rapper teases fans way too much. Every once in a while, he drops a gem, reminding the world that he is one of the best musicians in the world when he’s on, and other times, he curses us with pure basura. In “GroCERIES,” his latest tease, the Chicago rapper gives us the latter, as he links up with TisoKorean and Murda Beatz for this wavy ass track that features a killer hook, a beat you can cook to, and nothing but goofy ass verses. Content-wise, s**t is all over the place, featuring weird vocals and brain-dead punchlines (I did like that one line about carrying the groceries in one trip, though).

Can I blow your mind real quick: TisoKorean looks like a dark skinned black person. I had reason to believe he would look like an ashier version of Kyler Murray/




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