Have you ever been possessed by some good lovin’? Whoever Tony Valor’s girl is probably has.

I know exactly what you’re wondering: Who is Tony Valor? Well, first and foremost, Valor is the son of a famous singer that music lovers should know; secondly, he is a New Yorker originally from Palm Beach, Florida that has a multicultural background (Asian and Hispanic roots); and lastly, he is a helluva singer! In “Ferocious,” his latest single, the abtastic singer was able to gift us with a bedroom banger that is just as much Keith Sweat as it is YG.

In this day and age, bedroom cuts can’t just be slow jams, they have to crank a little; “Ferocious” cranks, as it features this gentle, yet bass boomin’ instrumental that makes you want to make love, but probably in the laundry room. Over this instrumental, Valor shows off his ability to croon smoothly, as he tries to remind his lover of all the different things he’s capable of doing to her when they are around one another.. Also, the talented singer plugs in some ruggedness into the track, spitting bars about his lofty ways when it comes to showing out. To call what I heard from Valor on this song ‘dynamic’ would be an understatement.

“Ferocious” is fire! I truly recommend you add this joint to both your pregame and bedroom mix.