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Lil Durk Drops “Turn Myself In”

Welp, if Lil Durk is going to turn himself in, we still have Roddy Ricch…

Lil Durk’s career has been pretty bizarre. He’s always had a buzz but hasn’t been able to reach the mountaintop when it comes to the rap game. Right when I feel like Durk is starting to get the recognition he deserves, he does something to get himself in some legal trouble (TMZ). With that being said, “Turn Myself In” feels like a goodbye of sorts from the rapper, as, in the song, he sings soulfully about wanting to make sure his kids, his girl and his friends are good when he goes to jail. Overall, I f**k with the melody attached to the song and almost shamelessly f**k with the R&B vibes it has.


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