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Lil Yachty Teases “LB3” With “Go Crazy, Go Stupid” Freestyle

How much stupider can you really go, though?

I f**k with Lil Yachty… as a person. However, when it comes to his music, he typically leaves much to be desired for me. With that being said, I pray for continuous improvement from him, and “Go Crazy, Go Stupid” is a good start.

When Yachty is trying to take rap seriously, he usually likes spitting over funky ass beats that sound like they are farting and s**t. In “Go Crazy, Go Stupid,” that’s the type of instrumental the Atlanta-based rapper spits over, as he dishes out bars about everything from his lavish lifestyle to his real ass mentality when it comes to dealing with haters. While Yachty’s lyrics on this song isn’t all that great, I am simply thankful that he was able to stay on beat and leave his sad ass harmonizing by the wayside on his long ass verse.

Lil Yachty sounds like an alien that uses rap to enlighten other aliens on human culture.



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