Rob Georg Dedicates “Time For Some Ink” To Tattoo Lovers All Over

It’s official, I need some new ink!

So far, Rob Georg has dedicated a song to his horses, rodeos and work occupation. On all three of those songs, Georg lets his hair down, going into great detail of the ins and outs that go into each topic. Today, the veteran cowboy decided to grace us with a kick-ass track called “Time For Some Ink,” and it involves him hypnotizing us into making a trip to the nearest tattoo parlor.

“Time For Some Ink” is both authentically rock and refreshingly country. It is powered by intoxicating guitar-play, which prompts Georg to bring out his most boisterous vocals yet! However, while I love both of those aspects about the song, it’s the lyrics you get on it that catches my attention the most. As a fellow tattoo rep, I enjoyed listening to Georg’s exuberance in getting a new one, and definitely felt his pain when it came to the needle hitting his body. It’s almost like he was telling my tale for me on this song — just with a brisker voice and a lot more pizzazz than I can provide.

I have some ink I love, and then I have some ink I despise… Now I know how it feels to have a favorite and least favorite child…



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