I’m glad to see that Drake and Rozay are still tight.

After the Toronto Raptors won their championship on Thursday, Drake let the world know that he would be releasing two new singles the very next day. Well, those two singles didn’t come out til’ early Saturday morning, so shame on him for lying to us all. Anyway, one of the singles Drizzy released was “Money In The Grave” — a hip-hop fusion of club vibes, wicked feels and trap roots. Rapping-wise, you get a gassed up version of Drake on the song in which he bigs up his homies, puts n***as in their places and talks about his ever-so questionable gangsta ways. As for Ross, he kills s**t utilizing his signature deep voice, bossy sentiments and silky smooth punchlines. When you combine every aspect of this song together, you get something that is for the trillest out there.

Two songs Drake released and none feature him singing? C’mon man!