Chevaughn Drops The Smooth “Karamel Indigo”

“Karamel Indigo” is a must-listen if you’re in the mood for some smooth summertime music.

Below is the quote Chevaughn used to explain “Karamel Indigo”:

“Karamel Indigo is a celebration of all hues of black women across the world.”

As a fellow black man with a beautiful sister, I find that message to be beyond beautiful. With that being said, “Karamel Indigo” is a refreshing tune that features nothing but authentic reggae vibes and heartwarming lyrical content. Vocally, I thought Chevaughn did a fantastic job of getting his message across about appreciating someone who can give you everything from a good conversation to lofty support using this sleek singing approach.

“Karamel Indigo” is a must-listen if you like music that is uplifting, positive and authentically Reggae.




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