After listening to this track, I am convinced I need to get my trill game up.

Sysuev is one of my favorite singer/songwriters in the game right now. Not only is he able to dabble in a myriad of genres such as funk, R&B and hip-hop, but he also has a knack for adding a splash of grit to his music whenever he feels like it. In “No Apologeez,” his latest single featuring Tricky Nicki, Sysuev was able to deliver something that is nearly impossible to dislike/sit still to.

“No Apologeez” is powered by this high-octane/dark instrumental, and over it, both Sysuev and Tricky Nicki let loose in their own unique ways. While Tricky utilizes this traditional rap approach that features raw ass bars, a consistent flow and a grungy delivery on his contributions, Sysuev goes the melodic route on his, delivering carefree/tough ass lyrics utilizing an extremely catchy approach. All in all, I’m feeling this track’s energy, it’s street-inspired flare, and most importantly, it’s old school hip-hop feel.

When you’re capable of making a hit like “No Apologeez,” you can spell “apologies” wrong all you want.