I thought Rick Ross said “Port Of Miami 2” was dropping today?

“Port Of Miami 2” is a critical release for Rick Ross. In his bid for hall-of-fame status in the hip-hop game, this album will prove a lot to his naysayers, therefore it is imperative that he has a great showing on it. If “Act A Fool” is any indication of what to expect on the project, the self-proclaimed Boss might be off to a decent start.

If you played “Act A Fool” for me and told me that it was made in 2009, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. The explosive track features a hard-hitting instrumental that sounds similar to the s**t Ross used to rap over back in the day, a hook that sounds similar to the hooks Ross used to lay down back in the day, and similar flows to the flows Ross used to utilize back in the day. Matter of fact, this song sounds like one big case of de-ja vu, and strangely, I’m here for it!

As a fan of high-octane music, I enjoyed the explosive energy both Ross and Wale gave off on their respective verses on this song, and how that energy led to their lyrics about their luxurious/trill ass lifestyles poking out even more.

Rick Ross is the only n***a in the game that can not evolve and still garner up wins.