Two new artists that are bubbling and killing their respective crafts decided to unite for “Racks.”

H.E.R. is one of those artists that seems to indulge in being a regular-degular human-being that is interested in singing about things that are dear to her heart as opposed to some luxurious s**t. In “Racks,” the “Used To Be” singer stays all the way true to herself, taking aim at those who are materialistic.

“Racks” is hypnotizing as hell. It features numb vocals by H.E.R., but at the same time, a melody that is damn-there impossible to get our of your head. Lyrically, she complains (Sort-of) about dealing with this individual that is only concerned with his mula. YBN Cordae, the featured guest on this song, tries to ease H.E.R.’s mind with a verse filled with wise words and vulnerability, but it doesn’t work, she just goes back to complaining.

I love H.E.R., but she needs to buy herself some gummy words or something. S**t, be happy for one day!