Danjul will make you bring your dancing shoes out of the closet for this one!

The best word to describe Danjul is ‘Free.’ When he makes music, he tends to let everything go, usually singing from his heart and speaking from his soul. In “Eyes On You,” Danjul shines bright, gifting us with an EDM gem that gives off nothing but dance vibes.

“Eyes on You” thrives when it comes to energy and positive feels. With the song being backed by this electrifying instrumental, Danjul sings smoothly, letting his interested party know that he wants to dance with them until the lights in the club turn back on. Personally, what I love about the song is how Dan practically glides his way to the finish line on it, never stressing a single line or feeling. I also love how it thrives when it comes to futuristic vibes, allowing your mind to think outside of the box when it comes to partying. I love that!

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