Welp, it looks like Trey Wonder has invoked me to bring my imaginary guitar out of the closet…

Trey Wonder is awesome! So far in his career, he’s released two full length albums, and just this year, two singles. On July 17th, he looks to go 3/3 by releasing “Dressing The Corpse” — an exhilaration tune with a scary title, kick-ass cover art, and most importantly, authentic garage rock vibes.

I couldn’t help but feel warped back to my younger years while listening to “Dressing The Corpse.” To me, the song oozes of youthful energy, as on it, we are gifted with this outstanding performance on the guitar by Trey Wonder, a lively performance on the drums by Trey Wonder, and last but not least, a spirited vocal performance by, yes, Trey Wonder (Hold on, either Trey cloned himself or he’s the hardest working man this planet has ever seen)! Content-wise, Trey (Yes he wrote the song, too, folks) makes sure we are fitted to walk in his shoes, as he seeks sunshine, gets discouraged by cloudiness and fears darkness. Hmmmm, I suggest Trey moves to Hawaii… I hear they have several hours of  sunlight there from time to time.

Stay tuned for “Dressing The Corpse” (It releases July 17), trust me, it’s a litty song!