When you’re winning like Lil Dream, you can brag a little.

DC’s very own, Lil Dream, has been living the second part of his name out as of late, seeing tons of success after releasing a myriad of dope projects. His latest, “Swipe Rixh 2,” has officially hit the net, and the first single off of it titled “VOSS” is flames!

In “VOSS,” Lil Dream talks about living life recklessly and paying homage to his and his homies’ prior drug-dealing ways. Though Dream has plenty more success to see in the next couple of years, he uses this song as a celebration of-sorts, rapping freely and letting the world know how unique of an artist he is when it comes to constructing infectious trap hits.

DMV, stand the hell up for your guy Lil Dream! If you don’t stand up, I’m super soakering y’all with Mambo Sauce.