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Strangely Alright Blows Minds In “Reigning Nonsense”

“Reigning Nonsense” is refreshingly clever!

As a guy that loves dismissing nonsense spoken by other people, I am all for Strangely Alright’s “Reigning Nonsense!” Not only did I enjoy the way they attacked pessimists and out-of-this-worldly thinkers on the song, but I also enjoyed how the band discussed their concerns with what the youth were seeing today.

Aside from the powerful messages on “Reigning Nonsense,” I thought the song also had some fantastic musicality attached to it. Instrumentally, you get plenty of colorfulness and moments of brass that was literally impossible to ignore, while the lead singer of the group did a fantastic job of taking control of our minds, programming it to not only believe in what he believes, but to also live what he believes… i enjoyed that aspect of the song a lot!

Not only do I think “Reigning Nonsense” should get major burn worldwide, but I also think the band should think about performing this song at America’s Got Talent!



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