Rich Brian morphs himself into a book-bag rapper in “Kids.”

I thought Rich Brian was a good rapper even back when he was calling himself Rich Chigga. With that being said, in “Kids,” Brian’s first single off of his upcoming “Sailor” album, he spits like an all-time great (Yes, he spits like an all-time great on this track)! Not only does he attack the old school-sounding hip-hop instrumental he was served with confidently and implicitly, but he also does a bunch of boss-like gloating on his verses, primarily letting the world know he wants to be one of the best MC’s of all time. Additionally, Brian talks about his sudden fame and luxurious living, implying that anyone can be like him if they put in the work. As a fan of Brian, I was a bit thrown off by this sound from him, but then again, he has shown a great ability to study the art of rap.

Am I the only one that had no issues with Rich Brian calling himself Rich Chigga after hearing him rap?