Conway Gets An Eminem Feature For “Bang”

How the f**k did this goon procure an Eminem feature?

I’m going to be real with you: I don’t know much about Conway. With that being said, I thought the mysterious rapper put up a fantastic performance on his brand new single titled “Bang.” On it, you get to hear raps revolving around putting ops in their places, drug-dealing, and most importantly, mobbin’. While Con’s bars are delivered effortlessly, the punchlines he throws out are pretty explosive.

Eminem is featured on “Bang,” and on his crazy ass verse, he sounds like a white nerd, tackles his past beefs, begs to not be compared to lames, and takes his 100th shot at Iggy Azalea and Ja Rule. While his punchlines are a bit more clever than Conway’s punchlines are, they do sound a bit forced. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that Eminem’s name-calling and obsession with putting down other people is getting old.

Isn’t it so hard to attack individuals like Ja Rule and Iggy Azalea that aren’t the most popular individuals in the game right now? I wish Em would pick a fight with poppin’ n***as like Cole or Kendrick.




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