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SoRi & Folded Dragons Collaborate To Produce The K-Pop Bop “I Am Not Alone”

SoRi’s angelic and emotive voice transcends language barriers.

Seoul, Korea based pop star, Sori Kim, (Better known as SoRi) has donned many hats in the entertainment industry. Performing as an actress, part of a musical duo, and now a solo artist, SoRi’s talents hold no boundaries. Her acting debut on the KBS drama “Love In High School” and Amazon Prime’s “The Idolm@ster.kr” put her on the map. After making the switch to music, she formed the duo “CoCoSoRi,” which then led to her pursuit of a solo musical career. The accolades don’t stop there, though! SoRi also has a popular YouTube page, has performed on nationally televised musical competitions in Korea, and gained a whopping 3 million YouTube views for her solo singles.

SoRi’s partnership with the Chinese New York City based EDM producer Albert Pan, also known as Folded Dragons, is kismet. Folded Dragons has had his fair share of success with his work, gaining over 12 million views on the Chinese streaming service Netease, as well as millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube. Both artists have created something special on this hit single “I Am Not Alone.”

“I Am Not Alone” is a touching triumphant tune that sings the trials of losing oneself for a moment, but never giving up the fight come rain or shine. Check out the tasteful music video above or stream the sensational song on Spotify.




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