Eel People Drop “We Don’t Have To Die”


If you are in the mood for powerful music, this is it!

In Eel People’s music, they tend to retrieve emotion out of listeners by relying on passionate instrument-play and sobering vocal performances. In “Don’t Have To Die,” their latest single, the band turns things up a notch, delivering a unorthodox tune that never lets up in feel-good vibes and negative sentiments (I know, it’s a very weird combination).

I’m not going to lie, this song freaks me out a bit.. While the instrumental to it features a soothing/up-tempo sound, everything else about it feels a bit bizarre. Vocally, the lead singer of Eel People sounds upbeat and positive, yet lyrically, he talks about possibly wanting to die. While I tried to think of several different theories on why this song sounds inspirational, I said “f**k it” midway through and decided to enjoy it instead!

Eel People, don’t die, we need you to make more high quality songs like the ones you have HERE!




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