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YBN Cordae Enlists J. Cole & Anderson .Paak For “RNP”

I’m starting to think YBN Cordae is the black version of Neo From ‘The Matrix.’

YBN Cordae is a real one, so it’s no surprise that other real ones f**k with him. In “RNP,” two of the realest out there in J. Cole and Anderson .Paak decided to link up with the DMV rapper, creating a timeless-sounding tune with great bars and plenty of soulfulness.

Believe it or not, “RNP” is a dance-heavy rap track. On it, we are blessed with an uptempo/electrifying instrumental by J. Cole that has plenty of pauses and smooth vibes. Over this instrumental, YBN and Anderson go back and forth, rapping boisterously, slyly, relentlessly, aggressively and pimpadociosly. Goddammit, these n***as must’ve been cool in high school, college and graduate school with how they swagged their way to the finish line of this song!

This YBN Cordae album is probably going to end up the best this year (I’m officially taking bets).



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