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Alan Walker & A$AP Rocky Join Forces For “Live Fast”

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Let’s try to enjoy these A$AP Rocky releases as much as we can now…

The way I see it, A$AP Rocky is in a bunch of trouble with his Sweden situation. With that being said, any song that releases by him these next couple of months needs to be cherished. Today, a leak from PUBG’s MOBILE CLUB OPEN 2019 Spring Splits Global Finals soundtrack hit the net, and it features a collaboration between the Harlem rapper and Alan Walker.

“Live Fast” is a passionate track that features a riveting instrumental, a powerful hook, and plenty of motivational/inspirational words by A$AP Rocky. Ironically, while Rocky is fighting for his freedom in Sweden, this song shows lots of grit/fight, almost giving off a sad/ironic feel.

Man, free Rocky or we are boycotting H&M (Sike nah, I can’t boycott H&M)!



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