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KALiWAE Takes Shots At Her Brother Blueface In “Disrespectful”

Hold on, what the f**k is going on here???

It looks like the beef between Blueface and his sister KALiWAE is the real deal. Just the other day, she called him out for his poor rapping skills, and today, she decided to release a diss record his way titled “Disrespectful.”

“Disrespectful” gets straight to the point. On it, KALiWAE calls Blueface out for his two-faced behavior, sorry ass rapping (Again), and poor support of his family. While KALI’s rapping isn’t all that impressive to me (Her flows are shaky and her punchlines are so-so on the track), I do believe she showed us better rap skills than Blue on the song.

S**t, I thought me not passing my sister the potato salad that one Thanksgiving was the worst thing you can do to a family member; I guess I was wrong…



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