The idea of smoking dope never sounded so f**king good!

J BALLOUT isn’t just a rapper, he’s a hood superhero! Not only is he repping Connecticut harder than a muthaf**ka, but he also has a pretty strong following on the internet, too. “Smoke Dope,” a track of his that has over 767k plays on SoundCloud already, is his strongest effort, and in the next paragraph, I’ll tell you why.

“Smoke Dope” is grungy, catchy, and most importantly, savage as s**t! With it being powered by this hard-hitting trap instrumental, J BALLOUT goes ham, bragging about his gangsta, drug-dealing, drug-taking and money-making ways. While I love how street-inspired this track feels overall, I feel BALLOUT’s melodic, yet explosive performance rapping-wise is what makes it extra special. It’s almost like he knows he’s the s**t, so as a result, he is as confident as it gets.

Lemme find out J BALLOUT is the king of New England like he insinuates he is…