Almost Owen is such a refreshing musician.

Almost Owen isn’t foreign to making hit songs. In “One Lucky Man,” one of his best songs to-date, the ‘long-haired, don’t care’ singer/songwriter was able to put together a gleeful gem that features a great vocal performance and plenty of heartwarming lyrics revolving around surrounding yourself with company that cares about you deeply. In “We Out Here,” Owen’s latest single, he turns things up a notch, gifting us with a pop banger that is fun, infectious, and slightly edgy.

As soon as you press-play on “We Out Here,” you are greeted to this exhilarating instrumental that only gets more and more explosive as the song goes on. From there, you get lyrics by Almost Owen that talks about living life enjoyably — that means wooing chicks into our parents’ house and simply hanging out with friends without trying all that hard (Or spending too much money) to. Personally, I love how exuberant Owen sounds throughout the track, as he sorta gets lost in the subject at hand by singing both freely and vibrantly.

Almost Owen’s music puts a smile on my face every time.