SAINT JHN and the Cleveland Browns are about to blow this year!

SAINT JHN’s music always sounds so f**king riveting! In his latest offering, “Anything Can Happen,” the Brooklyn rapper talks about the paranoia that comes with being a megastar and how it can change how one moves in the streets. As usual, what you get from JHN on this song is serious harmonizing, a hypnotizing melody, and lyrics that are a balance between trill and divine-sounding.

All the big highlights from “Anything Can Happen” comes from Meek Mill. On his lone verse, he tackles Kanye’s support of Donald Trump, the pressure he feels from his foes on a daily basis, and his knack for making the smartest of moves in the streets. As expected, you’ll love how relentlessly Meek spits his bars, as he meets the song’s passionate instrumental with the same energy from start to finish.

Damn, is fame something people should strive for?