I love songs that are powered by nothing but emotion like “Nothin’ Near.”

Ädept is one of those producers that is capable of creating cinematic instrumentals. In “Nothin’ Near,” his latest single, the Salt Lake City native gifts us with something romantic, riveting and exhilarating — a combination that will end up invoking mushiness out of you.

“Nothin’ Near” also features Blue Oni Sin & Elsha, and on their contributions, they were able to create a hypnotizing hook, bless us with an outstanding vocal performance, put together two pretty honest/passionate rap verses, and most importantly, show the world what real chemistry can look like when a male and female artist links up on the basis of love. Personally, I enjoyed every second of what they brought to this song, even though it made me tear up a little (I told myself I wasn’t going to cry today).