Absolute Doubt Rips “Pack”

In less than two minutes, Absolute Doubt ends all doubt of how good of a rapper he is.

Absolute Doubt is an up-and-coming rapper that is a helluva freestyler. In his latest single, “Pack,” Doubt does everything he can to slay this bass-heavy/trill ass trap instrumental (By Cat Soup), caring less if he hits a couple of bystanders in the process.

You know what “Pack” feels like, to me? Absolute Doubt’s theme song. On it, he hurls out bars about smoking good, flossing with the best of them, having no love for snitches, and knocking down the baddest of chicks. As a major rap fan, I love the carefree approach Doubt raps with, despite the fact that the flow he utilizes is consistent and impregnable.

If you didn’t bop your head to this song from start to finish, I question your love for music.




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