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Ill Advised Wise Guys – Identity Crisis (Episode 58)

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The ill-advised wise guys are back with their fresh, hilarious and always insightful takes on some of the hottest hip hop/rap newest releases of the year.

On this episode, the wise guys get into a quick rhyming battle competition, discuss their failed Popeye’s chicken sandwich scavenger hunt, then discuss if it’s possible for Chic-Fil-A’s chicken sandwich to be dethroned! This is followed by an extended digression laced convo surrounding woman and food topics that could come up. You’ll like this 🙂 .then the new music reviews begin! Did you know who SAINt JHN was prior to him dropping ‘Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs’? If not, we think you’ll be blown away! (). Will all the real weirdo rap BROCKHAMPTON fans please stand up! They just dropped a new album called ‘GINGER’ (). Jeezy’s underachieving, yet successful music career may have officially come to an end after dropping his ‘TM104: Legend of the Snowman’ (). Then a VERY HEATED discussion ensues when the topic of Jidenna’s new ‘85 To Africa’ album comes up!!! (). Should Rapsody’s dedication to black women laced album called ‘EVE’ be her big break into the mainstream? (). Could the conforming of the music on ‘So Much Fun’ really lead to unseen success for Young Thug? (). Lastly, Sway Lee drops off a very lazy effort with his new song ‘Won’t Be Late’ feat. Drake! (). ill-advised thoughts – QD: Shawn Mendes racial insensitive comments and why our society needs to be more forgiving (). Uchay: Vince Staples sets the precedence for artists moving forward with his new TV show ()! #musicreview #illadvisedwiseguys #DreamVizionNetwork

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