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Wale, A$AP Ferg & Buddy Strong Arm The City In “Hallelujah”


This definitely sounds like a soundtrack song.

Buddy, Wale and A$AP Ferg uniting for a song is pretty bizarre, so it’s not surprising that “Hallelujah” is a bizarre ass song. With the track being powered by this circus-like instrumental, Buddy talks his fair-amount of s**t on the hook to it, while Ferg sticks his chest out like a n***a that just finished doing 15 pull-ups on his verse, and Wale tries to outsmart n***as with class/calculated balling on his. Even though I love the flows that each rapper utilizes on this song, I’m not sure I’m feeling the overall tone/incompleteness of it.

I’m sorry, but I refuse to get bullied by Wale, A$AP Ferg or Buddy.




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