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Akon Remixes Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” In “Can’t Say No”

Akon did “No Letting Go” justice here!

People forget how poppin’ Akon was back in the day! When the Konvict singer was on, he was able to create club hits with the best of them. Well, it looks like ‘Kon found his juice again, cause today, he was able to release this dope ass single called “Can’t Say No” — his second dope ass single in less than a week.

“Can’t Say No” is smooth, vintage-sounding, and actually pretty sly lyrically (The song revolves around f**king with a chick so bad, you are willing to put up with her wahala). While I don’t necessarily love Akon’s voice on this song, I do f**k with his charm, the myriad of melodies he delivers for us on it, and his slight revamping of Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” hook.

Let me find out Akon has one more run in him!



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