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Joyner Lucas Pours His Heart Out In “ADHD”

Joyner, at least give a n***a a release date for your album…

Joyner Lucas has been teasing his upcoming “ADHD” album for months now. Today, the Massachusetts rapper decided to release his whopping fifth single from the project titled “ADHD,” and on it, what you get is passion, passion, and more passion!

“ADHD” is powered by this bass boomin’ instrumental that has all kinds of emotional vibes attached to it. Over this instrumental, Joyner lets loose, singing and rapping pretty passionately about trying to understand the battle he’s fighting within:

My mind racin’, I been paranoid
Overthinkin’, maybe that’s a void (Woo, woo)
Don’t call me up like I don’t have a voice
I think I was born different, I ain’t really have a choice, yeah (Yeah)

As usual, you will love how lyrical Lucas is from start to finish on “ADHD.” You will also love how Lucas sings his heart out on the hook to this song, caring less if he comes across as a troubled individual.



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