Almost Owen always finds a way to lift spirits and expand horizons in his music.

I’m going to be completely honest with you: Almost Owen is one of my favorite artists of 2019! In my opinion, he’s a fantastic singer, a creative songwriter, and excellent when it comes to picking beats that cater to his strengths. In “From The Outside,” Owen makes me look like a genius, as he shines utilizing each strength I just mentioned.

“From The Outside” is beautiful on both the inside and outside. First and foremost, the vibrant track is powered by this gleeful instrumental that features feel-good vibes and a helluva tempo. Over this instrumental, Almost Owen gifts us with a thrilling performance that has him singing serenely/daringly, and opening up/displaying his happiness when it comes to living life lyrically. When you combine all of the elements you hear on this song together, what you get is a fun/laid-back gem that provokes nothing but smiles.

If everyone took Almost Owen’s words on this song to heart, the world would be a better place!