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Gucci Mane, Da Baby & YoungBoy Never Broke Again Are “Richer Than Errybody” In New Single

All three of the rappers on this song will shoot you without hesitation.

There’s trill, and then there’s trill with cheese in the middle; “Richer than Errbody” is the latter. On it, Gucci Mane, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Da Baby all spit unapologetic bars revolving around making money, balling ruthlessly, putting a bounty on n***as, tipping on strippers, and finding common ground when it comes to hood sentiments. While I love how hard/gritty each rapper spits on this track (Especially Da Baby), I’m not too sure I’m feeling how lazy the n***a on the hook to this song sounds… (N***a sounds like he was putting together a ham sandwich while laying down the hook).

Too many recklessness n***as have money, GOD…



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