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King Femi Flexes On His Competition In “Rolex”

If you love your husband or wife like King Femi loves his Rolex, your marriage will last a very long time!

King Femi is a rapper from Atlanta, GA that lives as royally as anyone you know on your block. With that being said, in “Rolex,” his latest single, Femi basks in both his luxurious and street ways, dropping braggadocios bars about his fancy watch and big bulks of cash when the song veers towards luxurious, and threatening foes and stuntin’ on folks when the song turns towards gritty. Whatever the case may be, I find this song to be hella catchy (Especially when it comes to the hook), trill, and inspiring for any n***a that’s really trying to get it.

If you got it, you gotta flaunt it… I’ve felt that way since birth, bro!




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