I don’t think I’ve heard a pop song this trill in my life!

I understand that Liam Payne is a heartthrob to many, but in “Stack It Up,” he’s a hood motivational speaker! Don’t get me wrong, on the vibrant song you get soulful crooning and your stereotypical pop instrumental, but in terms of the topic behind it, it’s all about getting to the bread, even when Subway is closed! (S**t, I love when a song can make me bop my head and learn a lesson all at the same time)

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is featured on “Stack It Up,” and in his lone verse, he talks about splurging on chicks and the importance money has had in his life thus far:

Yeah, I know shit don’t come free, you gotta work for it (Gotta work for it)
Lamborghini Urus, bought it when I first saw it (Skrrt, when I first saw it)
She caught me creepin’, I had to buy her a purse for it (Purse for it)
I think if I ain’t have money, I’d be the worst for her

Kudos to Genius

I thought Boogie’s verse was funny as hell, but also painfully true (It’s becoming fact that you need money to succeed in this cruel world).

After making this song, Liam Payne is invited to my trap house!