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DaBaby Shows The World His Vulnerable Side In “Intro”

DaBaby has had quite the come-up. 

If you’ve listened to DaBaby these last couple of months, you know that he’s quite the girl-snatching/gun-toting/s**t-talking n***a. Well, in “Intro,” the North Carolina phenom humbles himself a bit, opening up about his come-up and the family and friends he can’t leave behind on his path to success.

As usual, you’re going to love the raw approach DaBaby raps with from start to finish on this song, even when the subject-matter at hand veers towards some extremely personal s**t. Frfr, this is the kind of song I wasn’t sure DaBaby was capable of making.

“Kirk,” DaBaby’s upcoming album, should be releasing some time this year! (I will be taking off work the day it’s released)



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