Tee Grizzley Pays Homage To His Aunt In “Satish”

Tee Grizzley, it’s Friday, I don’t want to cry!

Tee Grizzley’s music is so f**king riveting! On some real s**t, every single song he’s released in his career has had my heart pounding feverishly (And I have a bad heart, n***a). In his latest single, “Satish,” Tee holds nothing back lyrically, as he raps about eliminating naysayers, paying homage to his lost friends and family members, and understanding what he needs to do to stay safe.

As a listener, I think you will love the urgency Tee Grizzley raps with on “Satish,” especially when you combine the cinematic instrumental he raps over to the equation. You will also love how animated Tee is throughout the song (It’s almost like he’s playing himself on an action movie).

Tee, stay safe out there! There’s way too many Trey Way members out in the world that don’t want to see you shine!




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