Dame might be a better rapper than he is a baller.

Damian Lillard (aka Dame D.O.L.L.A.) didn’t quite get the respect I felt he deserved when he released his first two albums. Well, sometimes a good ole beef will change people’s minds (Ask 50 Cent)! Since getting into it with Shaquille O’Neal, I believe the respect level for the Portland Trailblazer’s pen game has gone up significantly. After releasing this new “I Rest My Case” diss track, I think people will start calling Dame one of the best in the game (Q, no, don’t do it!)

Dame D.O.L.L.A absolutely spazzes on “I Rest My Case!” Not only does he talk about caring less about money and fame, but he also continues to poke at Shaquille O’Neal’s unauthentic ways:

Goofy cutting checks and his BM sponsor is side dues
I could walk away and not lose a second of sleep
Run up on a wolf ’cause I got the texture of sheep
Classy with my bullshit, I professor a lesson in beef
Paying cats to write, is decease a pay for relief?
You’s a clout chaser, even after all the success
Fake love on the camera, he capping all at the desk
Ghost writers on deck, checker boards, no chess
Hailing from the land of the muscle cars, no flex

Much like his game, Damian spits his bars with great poise, never slipping when it comes to confidence, swagger or rap know-how.

The NBA is on fire right now!