This song straddles the line between bad and weird magnificently. 

In Quality Control’s “Control The Streets, Vol. 1,” I thought 24Heavy had his coming-out party, as he was able to bless the album with some pretty unique verses. Well, that coming-out party of his just got an extension, because “Bling Bling” is the type of song I believe a few lovers of vivacious trap music will like.

I am not a fan of “Bling Bling,” but I get that it does have a few elements to it that n***as will like. Not only do you get contributions from Young Thug and 24Heavy that are untamed, zany and brash, but you also get infectious melodies and hard ass rap verses that are too unique to pass up on.

Why isn’t there a space between ’24’ and ‘Heavy’ in 24Heavy’s name (As a writer, that s**t is bothering me)?