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JT From City Girls Drops “JT First Day Out”

Let’s hope that JT can stop her scamming ways after doing a jail bid.

While JT was in jail, Yung Miami was holding s**t down for City Girls. Now that JT is back, she’s kicking ass and taking names on behalf of the music duo.

In “JT First Day Out,” JT reminds the world how phenomenal of a rapper she is. Not only does she spit truthful bars about dealing with fame, but she also takes on her ops, lets the world know how easy jail was for her, and most importantly, acknowledges the importance of having a down ass chick like Yung Miami by her side these last couple of months:

I don’t gotta throw shade to get a fanbase
I been a real bitch way before the fed case (Yeah)
Yung Miami held me down, that’s a bitch ace (Period)
And if a bitch try her, it’s a cold case
Get yo ass snatched up like my new waist (Yeah)
Pulled in and out of prison like a drive-thru.

Contrary to popular belief, JT is a ferocious rapper that has bars that can knock a n***as head-off. Matter of fact, she reminds me of a spicier Tee Grizzley.



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