Ya’ll better put some f**king respect on K. Camp’s name!

In “Homecoming Freestyle,” K. Camp lets the world know that he will no longer take disrespect from folks, as he spits bars about being a boss dog that has more hits, guns, and money than his foes:

Still gunnin’, I got racks, split it with the guys (Guys)
I swear these niggas, they gon’ hate it when a nigga rise
I got a pretty bitch named Nina, keep her on my side (Fuck)
No, I ain’t have to cop the Lamb, but I just love to glide (Ooh)
These pussy niggas prolly hatin’ cause I’m inside
They baby mama, I’ma truck it just like Roll Tide (Truck it)
I’m fully loaded, I’ma shoot it ’til the clip gone (Brr)
These niggas fuck with me from L.A. down to Bowen Homes

Camp also takes a few shots at Praire View A&M University on the song — a college with a bunch of students that got upset that he was going to be their homecoming concert headliner:

I went from broke to fat pockets, look at me
I fuck with Texas, give no fucks ’bout PV

While Camp’s lyrics on this song are juicy as hell, I think it’s his flawless rap mechanics that will catch your attention the most.