GASHI Returns With “Mr. Ferrari” (Review)

Can we stop sleeping on GASHI!

After dropping an extremely solid album in “GASHI,” GASHI returns with “Mr. Ferrari” — A powerful pop track that sounds like a The Weeknd song with less impressive vocals. Don’t get me wrong, I love how GASHI lets loose on this song, singing passionately about living in the fast lane and s**t, but in the end of the day, his singing sounds a little too forced on this joint, to me (I still like the melodies he f**ks with on this song).

GASHI looks like a bodybuilder ternt pop star.



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  1. Visually it’s obvious – not a fan of the spinning upside down camera on it though. Audio isn’t really anything like Outrun but that’s just my opinion. Mega auto-tuned with a narrow range for singing, but it’s ok I guess.

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