Pistol For Ringo Suffer From A “Case Of The Tuesdays” In New Single (Review)

Most people hate Mondays, but for Pistol For Ringo, Tuesdays suck more…

“Case Of The Tuesdays” straddles the line between sluggish and memorizing. With the song boasting this semi-lethargic instrumental that encourages languorous behavior, the lead singer to Pistol For Ringo gleams, singing both unceremoniously and spiritedly. What the combination of the three sounds creates is a ballad — one that is just as hypnotizing/infectious as it is sobering.

My favorite aspect about “Case Of The Tuesdays” is the lyrical content that powers it. From start to finish, we are treated to honest sentiments revolving around depressing thoughts, lifeless occurrences, and alcohol reliance. Since we all understand the messages in this song, I think it’s awesome that we have a band that knows exactly what were going through.

Believe it or not, I wrote this review on a Tuesday!







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