Iggy Azalea & Alice Chater Unite For “Lola”

T.I. is somewhere in Atlanta saying, “I told you Iggy loves white people!”

You know what’s funny? I’ve always thought that Iggy Azalea’s best style of music was pop-rap (I mean, the ONE song she won a grammy for was “Fancy,” right?). Well. in her previous project, “In My Defense,” Iggy went with this provocative/grungy style of music-making, which I thought was pretty blah to listen to. In “Lola,” Iggy goes back to what she does best, as on it, we are gifted to a playful instrumental that eerily reminds me of Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” instrumental, a catchy hook by featured guest Alice Chater, and bars by Iggy that are tough, but also fun-loving (You can tell I don’t know what the f**k this song is about).






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