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Plies & DaBaby Link Up For “Boss Friends”


Raise your hands if you would be down to watch “Wedding Crashers 2” with Plies and DaBaby?

In a sense, Plies and DaBaby are the same person: Both are reckless womanizers that do crazy s**t on social media. With that being said, it makes all the sense in the world that the two decided to link up for “Boss Friends.”

“Boss Friends” is powered by this cold ass club-inspired instrumental that thugs would probably mean-mug and two-step to. Over this instrumental, Plies and DaBaby trade verses, each bragging about shooters they have on their payroll, their wins, their losses, and ability to make a chick fold like a lawn chair. While I believe the song will make bootys bounce galore, I also think it will make broke n***as like myself come one step closer to jumping out of a window.

I believe DaBaby would punch me in the face, but Plies…



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